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Collaborate - Interactive Intelligence

XMPP based chat with multi-party WebRTC video calling. I work with an outstanding team to refine and improve our team chat. I headed up an effort to supercharge our app with video calling, based on open source libraries and powered by WebRTC. I work with javascript (es6 and coffeescript, too!), CSS (LESS), and HTML 5 in the Ember.js front-end.
Plugin-less screen sharing. Using browser screen capture APIs and extensions, where necessary.
Peer-to-peer limitations (mesh network) slowed us down, but didn't stop me. I delivered a working solution optimized for small conferences to get the product out the door, and powering almost all of our small video conference needs. In the meantime, I'm working with experts to integrate with a single-point selective forwarding server for an even better experience.
A WebRTC helper library for normalizing browser APIs for enumerating media devices.
Aside (Ghost Theme)
Aside is a Ghost theme that powers my blog. Makes use of handlebars, CSS3, and the Ghost theme API
WebRTC logo
A WebRTC logo created in svg for use as an icon.